Welcome to the Simple Web Project

Our Mission

We want to make the web more privacy friendly while also making it less "bloated", by which we mean that we want to remove all the unnecessary gunk that increases loading times. We also believe that most websites shouldn't require JavaScript to run. We create frontends to other websites that could use a simplified interface. Check out our projects below

Contact us

You can contact us via IRC on #simple-web on Libera.Chat

You can also message me (metalune) on XMPP: me@metalune.xyz or Email me@metalune.xyz

Our Projects

Other projects

The projects below are in no way associated with the Simple Web project, we would just like to highlight them here and if one of those project's maintainers would like to have their project removed from this list they are happily invited to message us, the same is true for project maintainers (or others) who would like to have their project added to this list.